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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Film Photography Photowalk in Binondo

My nephew is into photography and in fact he loves it so much. I can see him holding his DSLR and even his film camera on his hand all the time. I guess he is practicing his shots and maximizing the full potential of his skills and cameras. Sometimes, he does it for living already, joining to a photoshoot with his friends.

Just yesterday, I saw a message at his FB wall that encourages all of his friends to bring all sorts of film cameras such as SLR, Point and Shoot , Rangefinder, Twin Lens Reflex, Pinhole, Half frame, APS, Medium format, Large Format, and everything in between. They should not also forget the camera tripods to aid them in the photoshoot.

Film Photography Photowalk will be on January 23, 2012 I, Chinese New Year.  Location is at Binondo, Manila Film Meeting place would be Hidalgo Street Quiapo Manila. I know this will be a lot of fun for they will experience Chinese New Year celebration.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Can We Really Be Safe?

My entry for LITRATONG PINOY- Kandado

Sensya na d ko na translate sa Tagalog ang entry ko. My other Entry at my other blog.

These days we can't help but to take extra precautions on safeguarding our belongings and properties. I clearly remember many years ago how our house was almost ransacked by some burglars. They forced their entry on our house leaving our door knobs wrecked and messy. Fortunately no one is at home at that time.

There's also an instance when one afternoon i think it was in 2006, my instinct somewhat told to go home and not long after while I was in my room, I heard a noise inside the backyard. I peeped in my window and to my shock I saw a guy in an orange shirt jumped over our steel gate going at our back door. I was so scared that time because he was forcing our door by stepping on it real hard. That is the only time I screamed ... " Burglar!! Burglar !! and I am glad that he didn't gain entry or else he might have killed me or whatever..

I saw him run fast and left his left rubber slippers. Unfortunately I didn't see his face. None of my neighbors heard my scream that time and gosh for sure if he got inside the house with me in it, I know no one can save me even if I yell. After that I was shaking and called a neighbor over the phone so she can check on me. This I will not forget and I hope I will not experience this anymore.


To this day, we had installed much higher steel gates and put more extra KANDADO (LOCKS) in the gates hoping it will give extra protection but I guess no matter how many locks we put, burglars will really find a way to gain entry. Hmmmppp... Can we really be safe?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

LP: Recycled Candles

Where you can find candles being recycled? ONLY HERE i guess in the Phils. My SIL is a Mother Butler at a small chapel here in our place and she collects used candles after the mass. She cooks it again and later on they will use the recycled candles again, good eh? VIEW MY OTHER ENTRY

San ka naman nakakita ng nag rerecycle ng kandila? DITO LANG yan sa Pinas maari, siguro! Ang aking hipag ay isang mother butler sa maliit na chapel dito sa aming barangay at naghihinayang silang itapon ang mga upos ng kandila kaya't ito'y kanyang kinakalap para lutin na muli. Ito nga pala ang entry ko sa LITRATONG PINOY.

PROJECT 365: Recycled Candles at ito ang resulta, bagong kandila para gamitin muli sa simbahan.. oh d ba tipid!

Recycled candles