Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Can We Really Be Safe?

My entry for LITRATONG PINOY- Kandado

Sensya na d ko na translate sa Tagalog ang entry ko. My other Entry at my other blog.

These days we can't help but to take extra precautions on safeguarding our belongings and properties. I clearly remember many years ago how our house was almost ransacked by some burglars. They forced their entry on our house leaving our door knobs wrecked and messy. Fortunately no one is at home at that time.

There's also an instance when one afternoon i think it was in 2006, my instinct somewhat told to go home and not long after while I was in my room, I heard a noise inside the backyard. I peeped in my window and to my shock I saw a guy in an orange shirt jumped over our steel gate going at our back door. I was so scared that time because he was forcing our door by stepping on it real hard. That is the only time I screamed ... " Burglar!! Burglar !! and I am glad that he didn't gain entry or else he might have killed me or whatever..

I saw him run fast and left his left rubber slippers. Unfortunately I didn't see his face. None of my neighbors heard my scream that time and gosh for sure if he got inside the house with me in it, I know no one can save me even if I yell. After that I was shaking and called a neighbor over the phone so she can check on me. This I will not forget and I hope I will not experience this anymore.


To this day, we had installed much higher steel gates and put more extra KANDADO (LOCKS) in the gates hoping it will give extra protection but I guess no matter how many locks we put, burglars will really find a way to gain entry. Hmmmppp... Can we really be safe?


  1. orange shirt, you say? sounds like a fugitive!
    .-= conniechiwa´s last blog ..Litratong Pinoy#56: Kandado (Lock) =-.

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  2. katakot yun ah...

    Tama yang ginawa nyo, mas malaking kandado at higher gates. Better na rin yung nag iingat.

    Happy LP

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  3. the bigger the kandado, the safer we feel kaya? sana ganoon ano?

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  4. Yes, I can relate to your sad story. I've also been burglarized last year, and believe me, my house is not easy to rob.

    I have learned my lesson --- No locks will stop a determined thief.

    Take care always. Happy LP!

    My entry --

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  5. ang ganda naman ng iyong pagkalitrato.

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  6. nakakatakot na pangyayari..pinasok din kami noon pero hindi nakita.
    .-= Marites´s last blog ..How To Increase Traffic =-.

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  7. Ate Jen, talagang nakakatakot ang ganyang incidents. It happened to us years ago in Tagbilaran City. They're not even scared kahit nasa busy street yung house ng Aunt ko dati. So ginawa namin, we installed "electric wires" and wireless burglars alarm in the gate. At since non, wala ng nagtangkang pumasok.

    I think meron naman sigurong wireless alarms dyan na pwede nyong bilhin.

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  8. yay matatakot nga ang burglars sa electric wires na yan. thanks sa comment

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  9. madami talagang ganyan... kakatakot...

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  10. parang theft proof ang kandado na yan :D

    sana maibigan nyo rin ang aking lahok
    magandang araw ka-litratista :)
    Salamat sa pagbisita :)
    .-= Jay - Agent112778´s last blog ..Food Trip # 10 : Dinner at "d Blvd" =-.

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  11. Naku, traumatic naman po ang experience na yan. Sana nga po ay hindi na maulit pa.

    Happy LP!

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  12. Hi Jay.. si JennyL din to .. thanks a comment mo sa Lp entry ko

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  13. katakot naman ate jen! glad your safe!

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