Thursday, August 9, 2012

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle

Philippines is blessed with beautiful beaches but unfortunately, people is the one making it dirty by throwing or leaving garbage in the area. We need to be responsible enough to take care of our waste not just in beach or tourist spots area but within our homes too.

Now, that we experienced flooding in many areas because storms and even monsoon rains, we need to think twice when we throw our garbage just anywhere because it will practically come back to us in no time.

This is a campaign by :

Footprints Project ( where they envisions the Philippines with a healthy, sustainable and successful tourism enjoyed, promoted, and guarded by a people who are environmentally conscious, friendly, and responsible.


  1. Yes, that's a serious problem in India too including Mumbai. Only Goa beaches are relatively cleaner. Nature's beauty is always under human pressure!

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  2. Yes, the World isn't my trash can indeed. My trash can is only the Nature of my artworks that long for the true light.

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