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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Men Can be Vain too

If some women can be vain when it comes to their looks and how others perceive them, men can be vain too. Some men can be vain but sometimes they can be viewed as not fully macho or at times as homosexual because we all know know that real man can be rugged or tough looking.

However, there are many cases where are real men without any hint of homosexuality  just loves to look good and meticulous on the way they dress up. They can also be picky when it comes to jewelry, looking for nice quality shirt, mens diamond watches or durable leather shoes.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fashion Sense

When it comes to woman fashion, I can’t say that I’m fashionista nor I am someone who is too left behind but I guess I’m just in the middle. I know the new trends in the market as I’ve been following some fashion blogs/websites. I am not the type of a person who will go with the trend all the time and buy what’s the new “in” style of the season because there’s a tendency that I will only use that clothes few times only because a new style comes again. As much as possible I stay away from copying the new style if they will not suit my body type or personality for in the end I will just end up a fashion victim.

There are some fashion styles that I have not tried wearing, like the high-waist shorts/pants that became a hit few years back and also a Seamed pantyhose or the back seemed tights that Alex Blake offers. I know that fashion will come and go and I sometimes I just wanted to stick to timeless styles for I can wear them repeatedly.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Slip into a Fabulous Dress

You wear jeans, T-shirts and athletic shoes, simply because you can throw on this wardrobe and get out the door fast. Soccer practice, music lessons, and grocery shopping fill up your day, every day. If you've been hoping to find a comfortable and feminine alternative to the jean-routine, try one of the soft, casual dresses in every length and size from extra small to extra large. A summer dress, a spring print strapless, or a long fall maxi dress will give you confidence when you step into a restaurant with your spouse. If you're going on a trip, slip these versatile dresses into your bag for a polished look at family gatherings and tourist attractions.

You'll find a variety of dress prints in every color and fit for many occasions with flattering styles to fit any figure. Don't cling to those rough, worn jeans as your only option; instead, slink into a flirty dress with lacy flourishes, or a leopard print to put the growl back into your spouse's throat. You'll feel and look your best in a short, racer-back dress just right for a leisurely stroll through the art gallery or museum. Don an antique floral design for browsing book stores and visiting the local wine-tasting party. Any way you look at dresses, you'll never stop at buying one when your spouse whistles at your legs.

You can trust the quality, so if you're ready to look runway gorgeous, check out the frocks to choose your style and color. Don't get caught up in the same old clothes everyday routine, get stylish with a change in wardrobe and add one of the sexy black dresses to your wardrobe today. You'll look chic for every occasion and the attention you'll get won't be bad either!