Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fashion Sense

When it comes to woman fashion, I can’t say that I’m fashionista nor I am someone who is too left behind but I guess I’m just in the middle. I know the new trends in the market as I’ve been following some fashion blogs/websites. I am not the type of a person who will go with the trend all the time and buy what’s the new “in” style of the season because there’s a tendency that I will only use that clothes few times only because a new style comes again. As much as possible I stay away from copying the new style if they will not suit my body type or personality for in the end I will just end up a fashion victim.

There are some fashion styles that I have not tried wearing, like the high-waist shorts/pants that became a hit few years back and also a Seamed pantyhose or the back seemed tights that Alex Blake offers. I know that fashion will come and go and I sometimes I just wanted to stick to timeless styles for I can wear them repeatedly.

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