Saturday, January 28, 2012

We Can Express Ourselves Through Hobbies

I guess most of us already has a hobby that we love doing if we have spare time. Getting into a hobby can relieve us from stress and can make our minds more creative as well. Personally, I have quite few hobbies , I started arts and craft, in the 80's, cross-stitching and crocheting in the 90's, and recently I'm into digital photography and digital scrapbooking. I enjoyed all of them because it is where I can express myself. Hobbies are relaxing and gives us a different euphoria every time we finished a project or has done something nice.

My brothers are into visual art (painting and photography) and like me, they can express their creative side through that. There are actually so many hobbies that we can get into just know your passion. Some guys are into building model kits and even buy moebius models online. Others collect items, into car racing and more.

What about you, what is your hobby?

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