Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Parties Left and Right

Teeheee… it’s the 1st day of December today and that only means that only 24 days more and it’s Christmas day already. I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping and soon I’ll be wrapping them. Parties will be left and right once again I’m sure that I’ve been receiving lots of invitations already. This will be a great time to meet friends and relatives for gift giving or just to bond together.

A lot of food and drinks will be served for us to enjoy but we need to know that if you’re going to drive home from parties you better not get drunk or else you’ll going to put yourself and others on the road in danger. Also, if you’re in state of Texas, law enforcers are strict with DWI ((drinking while intoxicated) and if you’re caught drunk or under the influence of alchohol, you’ll end up hiring Houston DWI lawyers to defend you for your misdemeanor.

So be safe when attending parties and gatherings this coming holiday.

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