Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grand Wedding to Remember

Mom was invited to attend a wedding last weekend and she's so excited to let me know that it was one magical and solemn wedding. She went with my SIL and my brother and fortunately the church and the reception was just near our place. It was a formal wedding wherein all are advised to wear formal dress for women and long sleeves or barong for men but there are some who wore men's polo shirts maybe bec. they have no formal shirt to use. Aside from that, no kids were invited except for the flower girls and ring bearers.

Since the couple will be flying back to UK after the wedding, it was noted in the invitation that they'd gladly accept cash as their gifts. I reckon this is a practical thing to do since they can't bring the gifts when they live. I saw some picture of the wedding at Facebook and wow the reception was decorated with different fresh flowers, which I heard were decorated by the bride's friends from Manila Hotel.

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