Sunday, October 3, 2010

Resourceful Ability

Christmas is fast approaching and with that in mind, my SIL who happens to be very resourceful in finding new ways on how to earn, attended yet another seminar where she can become a distributor of certain beauty products. In fact, she already handed me a brochure of the products that they are selling and I was tempted to order a lipstick that I saw. I know she can get around 20-25% of the selling price and it's not that bad, at least she can have additional income  aside from the salary that she get from work and her husbands income.

She's been handling health insurance, health products, beauty products, educational plans and even selling some jewelries. I guess if she only know how to earn online, I know she'll not have second thoughts to join and become an affiliate of some companies. I can see her determination in helping her husband in meeting the needs of their family and with that, I salute her.I'm pretty sure that in the next few days, she'll be selling Christmas stuff already hehe.

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