Friday, August 21, 2009

We'll Never Know

My family and I went to the wake of my second cousin last night and we are all stunned to hear about his death because it was really unexpected as he has no lingering illness whatsoever. He was just invited to attend a fiesta in a province by his co-workers and after having lunch, his friends saw him in deep breath and would not respond so they immediately took him at the hospital.

He was later on diagnosed suffered a heart attack where a never going to his brain erupted. Awww such a deadly disease and traitor because we never know when the attack will happen. It's a deep loss for his family because he recently loss his daughter too and now he is gone as well. His wife is in overseas and we think that she will not make it to the funeral of her husband. Such a pain!

Now, all of us are thinking about our own health and I was laughing because my older brothe rasked me this morning to check on his blood pressure. I even teased him that he already needs to cheap health insurance for himself. Anyway, life is too short.. really..

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