Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Overeating = Dyspepsia

I woke up very late this morning at around 930 am because I stayed up very late till 4am from working online. Had my breakfast at 10 am and lunch at 1 pm. Still feeling groggy and my body out of synch, I decided to take a short nap after lunch. I was able to take a dose of sleep for about 30 mins. eventhough I was hoping I can take about even an hour.

That short nap was still good because I feel kinda refreshed and my mind working as well. I had snack at about 3pm eating spaghetti, a chocolate cracker and a bottle of coke. Yay, I was so full by then and I think I had dyspepsia afterwards. It’s really hard when I had this especially when I ate too much. I better get those ellipticals in the house so that I can shed those extra fats in my belly right now. Gees.. I am feeling bloated up to now, blame it on my overeating.

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