Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ang Pinaka: Sure Signs For a Career Change

One of my fave Sunday  shows ANG PINAKA TV Show listed another helpful tips for all of us. It was aired every Sunday, 6 pm over at QTV 11. Here is the list for the Ang Pinaka: Sure Signs For a Career Change and hope you'll learn from this.

10. Your company is unstable
9. You're the wrong person in the wrong job.
8. Your health is compromised.
7. Your work relationship is not good
6. Your job bores you.
5. You feel burned out
4. You're not allowed to explore your full potential
3. Your salary is not enough
2.You have no personal growth anymore
1. You're not happy with your job


  1. all signs are there... im just waiting for the right opportunity to fall on my lap (lols)

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  2. great post! I felt exactly those signs. With no seconds thoughts, I left my job.

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  3. Have watched the episode, I can relate hehehe! Nice!

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  4. i feel the same way too...i think I really need to leave the company

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