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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Men and Shopping

I always admire men who dress up and carry themselves well. They need not wear expensive clothing because a simple and neat one has greater impact to me. We all know that most men don’t really enjoy shopping at the mall especially when they are with their wives. They’d rather sit in the bench or stay in the car for they know women take a long time to shop.

Some of the things that they hate are standing in queues at the cashier and checking or fitting lots of items from one store to another. They shop quite easily as I’ve notice and they can be done shopping in just matter of minutes while we women can take up hours just to find a pair shoes. I even can take half of my day shopping for an item or two.

Anyway, men can really shop with ease these days because of the Internet, just one click of a mouse then they’re done as well. There are lots of pants, suits and ties that they can purchase at their fave online store without much hassle. The internet is also a great place where they can read tips about buying guide for men and lots more. I guess there’s no more reason why men shouldn’t love shopping.