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Friday, July 9, 2010

Vet Appointment

I looked over the "dog book" of Sophie and I saw that another injection is scheduled by Sunday (July 11) so I need to bring her to the vet once again. Last month, I had her injected for her re-deworming and this time is for anti-ticks which the vet said is every 3 months. I hope she will not be infested with fleas anymore just like last year. My dog Sophie has completed all her immunizations and that includes anti-rabies. I have to be a responsible pet owner and also to protect ourselves if accidentally she bits us.

My mom told me that it looks like I have a real baby because having a dog is expensive as well. From the immunizations alone it can break your wallet hehe. I even told mom that my dog has an expensive shampoo and been taking vitamins while I don't lol. I even can't buy myself a best wrinkle cream and get my hair dyed, yay! Poor me!

I love my dog eventhough she is way too playful at times. She brings smile to my face everytime I see and cuddle her.