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Friday, July 9, 2010

Vet Appointment

I looked over the "dog book" of Sophie and I saw that another injection is scheduled by Sunday (July 11) so I need to bring her to the vet once again. Last month, I had her injected for her re-deworming and this time is for anti-ticks which the vet said is every 3 months. I hope she will not be infested with fleas anymore just like last year. My dog Sophie has completed all her immunizations and that includes anti-rabies. I have to be a responsible pet owner and also to protect ourselves if accidentally she bits us.

My mom told me that it looks like I have a real baby because having a dog is expensive as well. From the immunizations alone it can break your wallet hehe. I even told mom that my dog has an expensive shampoo and been taking vitamins while I don't lol. I even can't buy myself a best wrinkle cream and get my hair dyed, yay! Poor me!

I love my dog eventhough she is way too playful at times. She brings smile to my face everytime I see and cuddle her.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Litratong Pinoy: Proteksyon (Protection) FERN-C

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Bawal Magkasakit !!! Lalo na ngayong panahon na laganap parin ang A(H1N1) virus na yan. Isa sa magandang proteksyon laban sa mga sakit eh ang pag-inom ng Vit. C gaya nitong FERN-C. Hindi ito nabibili sa drugstore, sa mga dealer lamang. Masasakitin ang 2 kong pamangkin kaya sila'y umiinom nito at nakakatulong na man sya.

No one is allowed to get sick!! Especially these days when the deadly A(H1N1) virus is still spreading. One of the best ways to fight ailments is by drinking Vit. C like this FERN-C that can't be bought in the drugstore, it is only sold through dealers. My nephew and niece are drinking this and it helps them. Join us at LITRATONG PINOY