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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Phone Service Comparisons

Last March or it was in April when our phone at home went dead (no dial tone) for about 3 weeks and that made us so angry. I immediately reported the incident to them early and they have promised that they will bring the service back within a day or two. 2 weeks passed and still the same so I bombarded their service report line with my report. Worst thing happen and still no service from them so my mom had no choice but to report it personally at their office and that is only the time they addressed our complaints and after 2 days our phone was back to normal. How is that for a service huh? Sometimes it is disgusting bec. you pay for the service yet they can't deliver it well enough.

Anyway, I can go on with all my rants about that phone company but I am sparing you from that already. You can read about Phone Service Comparisons just in case you need a much faster and reliable server. Another popular ways to communicate with anyone is through VOIP or the Voice Over Internet Protocol. My sis and I have been using Skype for quite sometime now and our voice chatting so clear that you almost thought that you are using an ordinary phone.

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