Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Frustration: Poor Bank Customer Service

I was having a conversation with my sister just this morning and we are talking about the problem that we are having at a local bank that we have. Up to now the problem is not yet resolved yet to think it was just a simple bank statement that we are asking at that incompetent and with bad service bank.

I requested a bank statement last Dec. 2009 and would you believe they gave me a wrong statement after 3 long months! I've been going to the bank back and forth to complain and oh my goodness it was not resolved. I'm so irked, irritated and mad already. The bank manager is useless, just plain useless!!

It seems that the main branch don;t have our transaction from June - Dec 2009 and that is impossible. Arghhh.. I don;t know what else to say but we are really pissed off. My sister will follow up our complaint and request for the ___th time.

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