Friday, December 21, 2018

Compliance and the Car-wash Blues

When it comes to the car wash business, the problems that keeps owners up at night concern compliance and regulations. Both business and environmental regulation in this industry abound, but the bottom line is the safety and efficiency of the operation. The car-wash business is evergreen. Cars are not going away any time in the future, so the best thing to do is get the ducks in order.

Tackle the Biggest Hassle
Sometimes, the biggest hassle is finding a maintenance and repair service that's both responsive and experienced enough to take the weight off your shoulders. To start with, repairs and system upgrades are needed, and services could include construction of the buildings. With that much going on, it's easy to understand the value of car wash repair services to the car-wash operation. It's important to consider a maintenance service that can do it at all hours of the day.

Sometimes, this means engaging the services of a company that is sufficiently large enough to handle every problem that comes up. Such outfits have service personnel available nearby. They have the latest technology to help with diagnosis and communications. They have a warehouse full of parts.

What a Good Service Can Do With Your Regulation Requirements
When you get state-of-the-art technology with knowledgeable technicians, you should also get plenty of input and advice about meeting compliance standards. They make it their business to understand regulations. Once the maintenance or repair is done, you still need someone who can test it and keep it in compliance. The service you want should be able to provide that too.

Compliance and the Environment
The compliance and regulation alone can seem daunting. Who would have believed that a car-wash operation would build a water treatment facility to safely dispose of the dirty, soapy water? On the plus side, your compliance with such regulations can be used as a selling point when pitching your service to the public. If you can say that you use environmentally safe, organic cleaning solutions or have alternative cleaning processes like steam cleaning to protect the environment, it can only help your image.

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