Thursday, March 29, 2012

Getting into Sports

I’ve never been a sports-minded person. Although I competed in the 100 meter dash in track and field event in my highschool days, which I have won, that only reason I joined was we have no representative in that event hahaha. After that, no more sports for me. I don’t know, I guess my ectomorph body is just too fragile for sports.

I have a niece who loves sports and she played soccer and track and field and has become a representative of her highschool. She excels in sports and I just hope she’d continue it too.

I’m in admiration for those that love sports, not only they can become physically fit but they get to learn more about discipline and the spirit of camaraderie among fellow players. For those that compete on various competitions where they can bring sport trophies and honor not just to themselves but also for their organization, town and even for their country, I salute them! I can just imagine all the efforts and sacrifices that they put in their trainings.

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