Thursday, March 29, 2012

Classic and Sophisticated

Every time I see our living room sofa, I can’t help but to feel and get frustrated. Honestly, it’s old and worn out already because of many years use. My parents bought it at the time when we constructed our house in the middle of 80’s and it was not yet replaced since then. It was just re-upholstered in the late 90’s with a new cover and it was like that up to now.

After the re-painting done over the last week, I told mom that I wanted to buy a new sofa for us if not this year but soon. I may not afford the Horchow furniture collection, which is classic and sophisticated but I’ll try to get something similar and that my budget can afford. It’s on my wish list now and all I need to do is to save, save, save so I can buy that in the future.

I guess our house deserves something new (furniture and all) and I’ll do my best to get it.

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