Monday, January 16, 2012

HP Brand Lover

Aside from blogging, I’m also into digital designing. Been designing since 2007 and I’m loving it. Just last August 2011, I bought a new HP desktop for I want a bigger screen when I’m designing my digital scrapbooking kit. My laptop’s screen and speed can’t keep up with my designing needs so I decided to get a new desktop that I can use here at home.

I love HP brand so I bought the same brand in GH. Luckily, it was on sale and along with that I got a free speaker and HP printer. I must say that HP products are durable and performs well. Been using the printer since August and I’m quite surprised that it still has a toner up to now. When the time comes the ink will run out, I know I will get an original toner cartridges to maintain the performance of my printer. With the looks of it, I guess the printer is toner saver and I got my money’s worth already.

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