Thursday, May 19, 2011

There's Always a Next Summer

My brother, his wife and I were excited when summer finally arrived this year. Not only it was the start of school break for their kids but also it was the time for us to go back to our “once a year exercises routine”. It was during these times when we can wear our shorts, hop on our bikes and cruise along the neighborhood very early morning or before evening. We could also play badminton in front of our house to stretch our muscles and sweat a little bit. We always do this every summer.

There’s also one Saturday morning when we all hopped in our van with our bikes in it and went to the nearest village where we called it biker’s haven. Our dog Sophie was not left behind for we carried her and let her run around. It was a great morning for us biking and jogging around the village. We promised to come back but funny this is; it never happened again.

Summer is about to end and we’re actually getting lazy to go biking, jogging and play the badminton. My brother’s promise to buy one of those men's running shorts for himself so that he can be more inspired to run was already buried in the deep sea of . Anyway, there’s always next summer…

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