Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Service Providers and the Best Cell Phone Plans

I think it is an indisputable fact that our cell phones are the most important gadget in modern day life. Cell phones are more than simply a way to call someone — they are tiny computers with an amazing capacity for efficiency. Whatever would we do without a mobile phone, one that keeps track of our schedule, allows us to read and respond to emails remotely, has GPS and can provide directions, shows us the weather, and allows us to capture photos and video?

For these reasons, it's imperative to make sure you find one of the best cell phone plans that is right for the job. And since cell phone plans can get expensive (not to mention buying the cell phone itself), one way to watch your budget is to find the most cost effective plan that works for you. Finding the best provider is the first step.

Comparing Cell Service Providers
Verizon Wireless has a good name in the industry as one of the best mobile service providers in terms of quality, data speed, and reception. On the other hand Verizon's customer service seems to fall short, especially when taking into consideration the higher rates (compared with other providers).

Meanwhile, T-Mobile is known for offering lower priced plans and comes in second in terms of data speed, customer service, and technical support. Quality of reception varies from region to region throughout the United States. T-Mobile also offers more plans, including attractive no-contract plans for those sick of being locked in. If you want a more affordable phone, however, you'll need to sign a two-year contract.

In the Midwest, U.S. Cellular is the strongest regional carrier. AT&T and Sprint are both in the same category in terms of quality and service. In fact, according to a PC Magazine survey, Sprint took last place in all categories except in terms of reliability tests.

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