Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hard Habit to Break

Cough.. cough.. cough..

Pweee.. smells awful. I really hate cigarette smoke. I often found myself telling my brothers to quit smoking or else they'll end up like our dad you died at a very young age. They often replied that they will die as well so they might enjoy their life while smoking. Duh. good reason eh :(

My older brother already tried to quit smoking by lessening his use per day because he started to feel pain on his chest. It was about few months that he's doing good and almost gave iup smoking totally but he returned to his old habit after feeling much better.

I know it'll be a hard habit to break but if you really insist on giving up, I guess you can do it just like my brother in law. I'm not sure if using an alternative options can get rid them using the real cigarette. I just hope that one day they will turn their backs on that bad habit.

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