Thursday, July 8, 2010


Wow.. what a very tiring day! I'm gasping for air right now, sure this heat makes me more exhausted and tired. Been working on the digi-kit that I'll be uploading at artscow for almost 2 weeks already and it was finished already but just tweaking some few elements on it. I'm also making some quickpages and samples and that's eating my time. I hope I can finish more by Saturday.

I have also lots of online works that just came today and I was able to make few this morning and hoping to add more before I sleep tonight. I'm really really thankful for these blessings because if not I'm not sure where will I get the money to pay the bills bec. my net cafe is not doing well these days. I'm also thankful because I was able to go shopping last Sunday in Greenhills and got myself some loots. I forgot to look for some rocawear but I ended up with some nice blouse and shoes.

I'm sure when I go home tonight, I'll be going straight at my bedroom to rest before going to eat my dinner. Yay.. I need some energy!

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