Thursday, July 8, 2010

Back to the Gym

My sister B is back to the gym once again. A nearby gym was opened everyday so every 7 pm she makes sure she'll attend her class. I know she's taking advantage of her free time since she's only be here for about a month taking a break from work in Riyadh. For sure when she's back in Saudi, she'll have no more time to exercise because of too much work load.

She went to the grocery yesterday and it seems that she really wanted to lose weight once again as I can see loads of wheat breads and veggies in the pantry again. There's nesvita fiber drink, low fat milk, wheat bread, cereals and more. Maybe if she'll see a new weight loss product , probably she'll try on it as well. She's cutting her rice intake as well so I'm sure she'll shed off some weight before she leaves.

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