Friday, April 16, 2010

Visit to the Doctor

I accompanied mom to her Internist doctor once again this morning for her follow up check-up. Just in case you didn't know mom was rushed to the hospital 2 weeks ago due to high blood pressure. She was not admitted at the hospital though (Thank God!) bec. her high bp was controlled when she was given a first aid the ER.

We went o her doctor a week ago and her doc gave her new medicines and I've been monitoring her BP ever since. It looks like the medicine is compatible with her so this morning the doctor advised her to drink it now regularly everyday after dinner.

The doc also saw her ECG result and advised my mom to drink med that will control her cholesterol as well bec. the result is not appreciative. I bought her medicines and I hope she will drink all of them regularly. I'm not worried bec. for sure she'll drink it bec. I know she doesn't want to end at the ER once again.

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