Saturday, April 10, 2010

Out of Town Family Vacation Soon

It’s summer once again and although we are always complaining how hot it is these days to go out, most of us are still wanting to go swimming or have some fun summer activities. I have quite few friends and relatives who already went out swimming with their families and with the looks of it, they really enjoyed it.

My bro and her family will be going to Club Manila East Resort in Batangas on May for 2days for their family outing along with other families of my SIL's officemates and right now they are already planning on what to bring. With the upcoming out of town travel that they will have, my brother is also trying to see to it that our van is in proper condition. The breaks and the engine should be on its tip top shape plus he’s checking the audio system to ensure that they will not be bored while traveling.

Kids will also be cranky if they will not be able to watch DVD inside the car so I’m sure tons of DVDs will be included. Driving while using the mobile phone is a no-no, so to be safe a headset is a must for my bro. He’s also wishing that our van will have a GPS system so that it’ll be more hi-tech and I guess he needs to consider installing these in the future.

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