Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Need to Schedule

I’ve been putting off the visit to my dentist lately and I don’t know why. It may seem so embarrassing to say that it’s been many months now that I haven’t had my regular teeth cleaning. Blame it on my procrastinating manner sometimes. My dentist told me to visit her every 3 months or so bec. in that way I can have my gums and teeth healthy.

You know sometimes we take for granted our oral health but with the looks of it aside from of course we need to keep ourselves from getting a bad breath we also need to be aware of other conditions that can arise in our mouths. You might be ignoring the popping and clicking in your jaws for sometime now but it can be the cause of a TMJ, temporomandibular joint dysfunction. It can be serious but there’s this San Diego TMJ Treatment that can help align your jaws without subjecting yourself to a surgery.

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