Thursday, August 6, 2009

Our Crowning Glory

I went to the salon last Sunday for a much needed haircut. My hair has grown so long for the past 3 months and now is the time to have it cut. Although I have a thick, sadly to say coarse and almost dry hair my hair dresser pointed out that my hair is already thinning. I told him that maybe because it is due to my hair coloring every 4 months but he said maybe due to stress. He advised me to change the parting of my hair so it will not be too visible.

I am somewhat bothered by it but I am not that scared unlike men who are so prone in balding. Hair is our crowning glory and I will not wonder anymore why my older brother is still hiding his bald spots which look a bit nasty. If only we have the resource to access a doctor that can restore his hair. For those that can afford they can choose to subject themselves to hair transplant or any hair restoration that works performed by certified doctors like Dr. Piston. Anyway, balding runs in our family so I reckon my older brother will have to accept that his hair will be gone soon.

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