Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Not So Comfortable

I went home early tonight as it was so hot even before the rain starts to drop. I felt so exhausted and could not even breathe. Blame it on the humidity and too hot weather... arghhh... Upon reaching home I immediately slumped on my bed as I was too tired. I was up and about the whole day plus add the heat so I end up just like beaten.

Dinner was served and it was a sumptuous one. Thanks to my mom who's been cooking for the two of us, meal is always ready even before I arrived. She knows that I am tired so she'll never expect me to cook when I got home.

I still have allergies on my hands and feet and that is quite unsightly to see but it;s manageable. I am not comfortable with my work place here at home so I'm wishing I can have a good chair and table. I am not productive when I'm not comfy. Tired that I am . I am snoozing in a minute or so

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