Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Stopped Buying Processed Meat and Canned Goods

Lately, mom and I have been monitoring the things that we eat. Mom is already 76 years old while I am in my early 40's and since mom has a history of high blood and high cholesterol, she's been taking up maintenance medication. I already stop buying processed meat and canned goods although sometimes we can't avoid eating them. We also put vegetables on our diet like salad especially if we are eating fried fish or pork.

Although our diet is not perfect but at least we are doing our best to cut down on too much processed foods that experts say can cause cancers and other illnesses. Thank God we are still in the peak of our health especially my mom. We are also lucky that we are not obese in terms of body figure. My heart goes to those that are struggling with their weight that they still need to take Solo Slim and other means just to have a comfortable body.

Anyway, I hope my mom and I can continue eating healthy eventhough it is tempting to eat those fatty foods.


  1. Ate Jen, did your Mom try Garlic pills for high cholesterol. Dear hubby used it for more than 8 years now. Ito lang nakapag-pababa sa cholesterol nya. His cholesterol is back to normal now. Praise God.

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  2. Hi Nits, now ko lang narinig yang garlic pills na yan.. pero i know garlic tends to decrease cholesterol in our body

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