Thursday, June 11, 2009

How do You Freshen Up Your Mind?

There are days when you're mind is just full of ideas, thoughts, ramblings, problems and things to do that sometimes you want to execute all of them, your mind just keep clogged. I guess you might have experienced that one point in your life. Too much thinking as what experts say that it can also do harm in our body so refreshing our minds is always helpful. Just take a look at those with heavy problems, you can actually see it in their eyes and in their bodies. The circles around their eyes and the sudden lost of weight can be noticeable as well.

So what do you do to freshen up your mind when your head wants to just burst? If I feel that I am in the brink of being exhausted, I try to stop at what I am doing and at times I just listen to calming or soothing music to de-clog my mind. Playing with our dog Sophie also helps me refocus and it helps me calm. Reading magazine or just taking a power nap are helpful as well.

What about you?

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