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Friday, October 12, 2012

Common Misspelled Words

I admit, I am guilty of misspelling some words when I blog especially when the words has double "s" or "r". Thankfully, word doc has auto correct feature. Words with "ie - ei" and th - ht can be confusing as well.

Here are some common misspelled words:

• absence   • address  • advice  • all right  • arctic
• beginning• believe• bicycle• broccoli• bureau
• calendar• camaraderie• ceiling• cemetery• changeable
• conscientious• conscious• decease• deceive• definite
• descent• desperate• device• disastrous• ecstasy
• embarrass• exercise• fascinate• February• fiery
• fluorescent• foreign• government• grateful• guarantee
• harass• height• humorous• independent• jealous
• jewelry• judgment• ketchup • knowledge
• leisure• library• license• maintenance• mathematics• mediocre
• millennium• miniature• miscellaneous
• mischievous• misspell• mysterious• necessary
• neighbor• nuclear• occasion• occurrence
• odyssey• piece• pigeon• playwright
• precede• prejudice• privilege• pumpkin
• raspberry• receive• rhythm• sacrilegious
• science• scissors• separate• sincerely
• special• thorough• through• truly• until
• Wednesday• weird• you're