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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tips For Customizing Your Condo

Where would your dream home be? What would it look like? A friend recently viewed the amazing Atlanta luxury condos on sale from Sovereign Buckhead, and we both instantly fell in love. They have the kind of rooms that are an interior designer's dream. We simply couldn't decide on how to furnish it, though.

The kitchen is already full equipped, and styled in gorgeous monochrome, with black cupboards contrasting with white detailing and walls. It really does have a stunning effect! The dining room has a similar look, and we agreed on a glass table to keep the theme intact. Adding your own touch to new build rooms can be difficult, though, and we couldn't agree on the best way to keep it looking luxurious while adding that personal touch. Here are my top tips if you are customizing your condo:

Take note of any existing themes. Monochrome seems to be a huge theme running through my friend's condo, so we didn't want to pick anything that would clash with this.

Consider whole sets. If you are buying furniture, especially sofas and chairs, it can be much better to buy a matching suite as the colors will definitely go. For dining room sets, this also ensures the chairs will fit under the table and be at a comfortable height for eating.

Pick up small accents. For example, some black detailing on the tiles in the bathroom ties the room in to the monochrome effect, but also allows you to easily add your own touch. My friend chose some nautical themed stencils, and we stencilled them onto the white tiles in black paint. It looks fantastic, and has made the room completely her own.

Lastly, have fun! Remember you'll have to live there, so make sure you love whatever you choose, and feel at home there. That's the most important thing!