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Monday, July 26, 2010

Capturing Memories Through Photography

I love photos and if my memory serves me right, when I was still in highschool which was over 2 decades ago, my love for taking pictures started it all. During that time, film was still in use and you still need to scroll a button to take another picture.

Cameras and photography has evolved since and right now I have my own DLSR and point & shoot camera to take photos. If I have lots of time, I just grab my camera and take photos of things that interest me. Digital photography is a hobby that I enjoyed though I’m just novice and still learning. If given the time, I also wanted to enroll myself in a photography class. Some of my works are printed in a photobook that I can show them to family and friends.

I always admire photographers who have good eye on things and can convert simple objects to a beautiful photo. David Proett, a wedding photographer Richmond area is a good inspiration as he can capture memories for all types of occasions and events. Check out some sample photos at his site and be inspired.