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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Patty found the love of her life via singles dating website

Our college reunion held 2 summers ago was one for the record. Excitedly, we reconnected with long lost classmates and there, I finally met Patty, a batchmate whom we have not seen for several years and we found out that she is still single. Her admission prompted those inconsiderate men in our batch to tease her without let up and in fact they were setting her up for a date with one classmate who is also unattached that time. Well, Patty pretended to be unaffected but she confided to me that she is having second thoughts to attend anymore future gatherings of our class. Last year, she stood by her pronouncement! She never showed up to our batch get together and the men were obviously looking for her.. looking for someone to tease again…..

Last week, I’ve got a surprise call from Patty after her being incommunicado for a year…. She sounded enthusiastic and beaming with pride as she announced that she finally found her match thru singles dating websites. She recounted that due to the endless teasing and pressures she has been getting from friends, she was persuaded by her cousin to meet people on line. She jokingly told me how she hesitated for a while because she was worried on how his neighbors will react and how their tongues will continue to wag once they learn that she succumbed to an online date. She can’t blame them for thinking maliciously for their minds are not yet open to this kind of set up.

However, Patty is obviously one happy soul and told me that if given the chance, she will gladly disprove and contradict misconceptions about dating websites. She asked if I have any idea when will be our next batch reunion, for she is planning to show up with her beau!

That would be the day and I am so excited for her….