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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Want to be a Voracious Eater


I'm browsing my food blog a while ago and thinking about what to post next when I saw some of my previous posts I had with delicious photos of foods on it. Seeing them makes me drool and hungry. I really wanted to taste lots of different foods but my digestive problems prevent me from doing so. I always have fear that I will bloat and get upset stomach all the time so I eat less when I'm dining out.

I'm going to have my check up real soon and hope that I'll be treated. Not really sure what's ailment I have yet but I promised myself that once I get healed I'll go out of town and eat at different restos if I can. Those are the things that I missed doing in many years since I got stomach trouble.

Anyway, I'm positive that I will get better and become a voracious eater!