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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Strategies to Build Repeat Customers

Getting new customers is very difficult when compared to getting an existing customer to repeat buy from you. Have you ever noticed that once you know an online merchant lender and have completed a transaction with them, you tend to trust them more? That's because the fear of getting a bad deal is gone and you have some experience with the vendor. In the same way, existing customers have less buyer resistance due to the fact that they trust a company they've already dealt with that had a positive buying experience. However, there are also strategies that can help you to encourage them to buy more often and for more money.

Start Small
It doesn't matter what someone initially buys from you, as long as you find a way to overcome all their objections so that they become a paying customer. Once that is done, it can be a whole lot easier to build from there. Thus, encourage someone to become your customer first by having some low priced offerings that can be easy and convenient and provide a high sense of customer satisfaction. That is the basis for building a long-lasting relationship.

Listen to What They Want
Once someone has bought something, you can ask them for feedback on the purchase. You can include a check list on what offerings interest them most. Then, target your marketing to what they've told you they want.

Make Offers Frequently
Once a person is on a marketing email list, they should be contacted fairly frequently to keep you at the top of their list. Always offer valuable information as well as an opportunity where you ask for the sale by making a call to action in your email. By offering multiple opportunities to buy, you increase the chance they will become a repeat customer.