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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Which Custom Packaging Is Best For Shipping Various Items?

The various kinds of items that are often shipped and the custom packaging that is best for each of them.

There are many instances when you might need to ship some items because of business reasons or even for personal reasons. Nowadays, it is perfectly safe to send almost any item through freight shipping companies. If the company offers custom packaging and you know that the company is reliable and trustworthy, then it might be a good idea to let them package your items for you before available of their freight shipping.

On the other hand, you might still want to package the items on your own if you want to be absolutely sure of how it will be handled. However, it is important to know how to properly pack various items to ensure that it will be safe and well protected during transit. How you pack a particular item depends on what it is and its material. Below are some of the recommended packaging methods for various items.

· Glass. If you plan to have glass items shipped, you will need a lot of bubble wrap. For drinking glasses, wine glasses, goblets, cups, and mugs, it is best if you can find a box with divisions inside. If not, any kind of box will suffice. The first thing you need to do is to wrap each glass item in newsprint. To be safer, wrap the item in a second layer of newsprint and make sure that every surface on the inside of the glass item is also lined with newsprint. If you have several glass items of varying sizes, you can nest them after double wrapping each of them in newsprint. This means that you put smaller glass items inside bigger ones but do this with a maximum of four glass items only. Make sure to wrap the whole nested bundle into two sheets of newsprint and then wrap it in a sheet of bubble wrap. Afterwards, place the whole bundle into a box, making sure to put additional crumpled newsprint or bubble wrap inside the remaining spaces in the box.

· Irregularly shaped items. It is quite easy to wrap regular shaped items in a sheet of bubble wrap. The challenge is in doing the same for irregularly shaped items. The first thing you need to do is to check if the item can be disassembled. Once broken down into its parts, it will be easier to cover each part in bubble wrap and then fitting them in an appropriately sized box. If the item cannot be disassembled, the best way to pack it is still to find a box that can hold the said item. Another option is to cover the item in bubble wrap and then placed in a box, making sure that you have enough newsprint and extra bubble wrap for the small spaces left inside the box.