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Monday, September 13, 2010

Applying for Scholarship

I've always admired my niece Kath who seems so focused on her studies at the top university here in the country. She's taking up Film course and on her 4th year already. I seldom see her because her class schedule was so hectic that there are times she came home midnight already due to film shootings and all. One weekend, I was fortunate to spoke to her and told her that hope she's making good at her studies and she happily told me that she's still on their Dean's list and if God permits she's vying for an honor come graduation.

Ahhhh what a relief and a nice news to hear from her. I was deeply praying and hoping that she'd excel and get a decent and good job after graduation so as to give a little comfort to her parents. I know she is determined and wishing that God will guide her on her studies and her decisions. What makes me more happy is that she's applying for a scholarship in the US, I guess for further studies and to hone more of her knowledge in film making.

If that will push through by God's will then that's once great opportunity for her. I'm not quite sure if she's going to take the SAT test wherein some students in the US will study sat prep and take the exams prior to college admission.I just really wish that she'll succeed in her studies and chosen career.