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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Why Women are Getting Botox on their Feet this Holidays?

This article from Daily Mail caught my attention while browsing my daily dose of Facebook feeds. I say what? I only thought botox are only injected on face and armpits and didn't know that it can be done also on feet. Wow women are really getting more vain each day. Christmas season is for parties, gatherings and showing off their fashion. A lot of women wear high heels shoes on work, parties and some for every day use and they are killing their feet...

I learned that the reason for botox injection is to prevent swelling and pain on the feet due to high heels shoes.. wow and they are paying huge amount of money for that. Imagine paying AUD$500 per treatment per procedure that is done on soles of the feet. Would you pay for that amount to get a botox on your feet?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Women's Passion for Laser Hair Removal, Botox and more

Women will always be vain. There’s always a reason to be worried when something atypical happened to our bodies. Be it acne, lines on the face, scaly skin, darkening armpits or whatever they can notice on our bodies. With all these concerns, women tend to find ways on how to solve these problems. It only shows that we want to take care of our physical beauty aside from of course the inner beauty.

Aside from that, women also worry about the unwanted hair in their armpits, legs, bikini area and other parts of the body. There are many ways on how to remove it but other methods such as shaving can harm and irritate the skin and can even make it worst. Laser hair removal is by far one of the popular method in removing those unwanted and unsightly hairs, which is proven safe and gives good results.

When we want to enhance our physical beauty, we need to look for reputable and licensed beauty centers or clinics that can really take care of us and our concerns