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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Perfect Gift for the Babies

With all the events coming in later this year, yet another occasion is coming up. I guess you might have read on some of my older posts that my cousin’s wife is having twins. It’s my pleasure to tell you all that the twins are here already as they where born via a Caesarean section last Sunday. They are both twins and of course their parents are simply overjoyed with their arrival.

Babies are gifts and blessings from above and it brings joy to parents. Another addition to the family and I could just imagine how busy my cousin and his wife will be taking care of it. I have yet to see the baby soon and I have to find out who looks like them. I already got a word from my other cousin that the kids are fair and pretty and that makes me more excited to see them.

The baptismal probably will be scheduled Dec. as well if they’ll have the budget for this celebration. Fortunately I already a gift in my mind and this is something that the babies will definitely use. I saw some baby beddings at Baby Bedding Place and I reckon these would be nice as a gift. Now that we know that they are both girls then the pink and the purple beddings will perfectly fit their nursery. It’s actually a 12 pc. set with pillows and all so it’s already complete.