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Monday, October 8, 2012

Anastasiya "Fukkacumi" Shpagina: Real-life Anime Girl

Wow I was in awe when I read about this at Yahoo News! Anastasiya Shpagina, 19 year old hairstylist from Ukraine has transformed herself into a real-life anime girl by wearing anime costumes and putting creative makeup. She even named herself now "Fukkacumi" to sound more like Japanese. She is even dubbed along with her friend who resembles like real-life Barbie as "HUMAN DOLLS". Amazing!

Sure, we can see people wearing costumes as part of Cosplay or costume play but Anastasiya Shpagina is different because she lives with this kind of lifestyle everyday. It'll take her about 2 hours putting all the intricate makeup on her face to look like a Japanese anime. Ahhh.. so weird but she's good dressing up and doing her own makeup. She's only 90 lbs , even wanted to have a smaller waist and wanted to have an eye surgery.

For me, nothing is wrong if she puts lots of makeup or wear clothes to look like an anime, but if she goes to the extreme of making this look permanent through surgery and body modification then that is really weird and over the top already. I hope she will not regret it in future.

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Anastasiya Fukkacumi Shpagina Real life Anime Girl Anastasiya Shpagina Reallife Anime Girl

Anastasiya Fukkacumi Shpagina
wow, they look like real dolls already!