Friday, October 5, 2012

No Helmet, No Travel Policy

It's always good to be safe all the time that's why in our town and many other cities they have implemented the “No Helmet, No Travel” policy for a long time now. It's one way to prevent more fatalities brought about by not wearing helmet when accident occurs. In our area, from time to time there are police or MMDA personnel that check every rider if they don't have a helmet they will be apprehended.

With that policy ongoing, my brother who happens to be commuting almost daily with his motorbike, he'll always see to it that he has his helmet on before leaving the house. Not only it will save him from being caught by the police but also will save him from fatal accident. There's an increase of sales of helmets like Bell Moto 9 and other full faced or just ordinary helmets and sellers are benefiting from it.

On the other hand, wearing a helmet is not a full-proof that you'll not get hurt or die when you ride your motorbike. When you're driving on the road there's always a risk of accident.

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