Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Handyman in the House

It's sad to think that dad is not here with us anymore and we all missed him even if he's up in heaven now for more than 20 years. Losing the strength and wall of the family is pretty hard because all the responsibilities are passed on to my mom. At least when dad left we're all grown up and already finished studying and that makes easier for mom. I salute her so much and up to now my mom has become our mom and dad rolled into one. Strong woman if I can say and I'd like to emulate her if I can but she's a rare gem.

Ahh .. thankfully, my older brother is responsible enough and has taken over some of the things that dad usually do. He's a great help especially in home emergencies like changing of light bulbs, fixing and changing of ball bearings, electric or wood stuff and lot more. Bro is also our driver, who is ready to lend a hand when we need a ride.

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