Thursday, March 8, 2012

Home Project: Re-painting the House

My mini house renovation just started today and I'm actually excited about it. It's been how many years already since my mom had our house re-painted and this year I told my mom that I'll be the one to shoulder the expenses on labor and materials. Of course, mom was very happy knowing that so immediately called our workers to do the job and like what I said it started today. My bedroom was almost finished today and I guess by tomorrow morning, we all can return my bed and other stuff. 

Our house is a mess right now due to the work and I just hope that it will not take more than 1 week to have our house re-painted so I can redecorate once again. Since my mom and I are making our house more neat and presentable, I’m also contemplating of getting a new living room set and probably an outdoor dining set too. Hmmm.. let’s see if my budget will be enough for that.

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