Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lotsa Birthdays

It was my niece's 20th birthday last Sunday and some of the family members came here at the house to celebrate and have lunch with us. It's actually just a simple lunch but memorable. I cooked about 3 dishes, which I receive some nice praises (dapat lang hehe) while my SIL cooked the spaghetti and fried the fishes. Since my niece's mom is out of the country my SIL and I took the initiative to have small celebration for her and I'm glad that she was more than thankful for what we have prepared for her.

I should have given her graphic tees or other material gifts but she said the cooking and preparation that we made for her is already good enough than the material gifts that she can receive.. awww that is sweet.

This weekend (the 25th), another niece of mine is celebrating her 21st birthday so there’s another lunch at their house this time. I will not be cooking any meal this time but I promised that I will order her a cake. A nephew will also celebrate his birthday on 26th and I’m not sure if she’ll come home to celebrate it with us. Ahhh… my nieces and nephew are baby no more….

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