Friday, February 18, 2011

Lots of Memories in Photos

While waiting for more works this afternoon, I decided to take some photographs outside to keep my occupied. I've never done this for a while so it was good to do this once again. I immediately downloaded those photos onto my EHD and took the time to put some watermarks on some photos.

I also browsed my photo files and I enjoyed the time looking at some old photos of us that dates from 2008 up to present. I was also amazed to see how my niece with a clearer face free from her acne. I remember seeing her with lots of acne on her face on the photos that her mom shared to me. Fortunately with the acne treatment that the doctor gave her, it was gone already. Thankfully there are minimal scars that was left.

The photos of my other nieces and nephews also made me realize how they really have grown so fast and thanks for my efforts in taking pictures of them because we can see how they grow just by looking at their photos.

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