Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hoping Chinese New Year will Bring More Luck

Now that Chinese New Year will officially come February 3, 2011, I've been craving for the tikoy (Chinese rice cake) that we used to buy at Eng Bee Tin store in Binondo. My brother used to go there in Quiapo almost 2x a month but I'm not sure he'll be able to go to Manila to buy us some hopia and tikoy.

Anyway, I wish someone can give us tikoy as it was believed to be lucky. I also made sure that I cleaned the house today and I'll be wearing something red tomorrow. I guess there's no harm in following their tradition as we all want to be happy, prosperous and healthy. I'm sure other non-Chinese will even put lucky charms, circle shaped fruits on their tables or omnimount for luck. Just remember even if we follow what the Chinese are doing, we still need to work hard and not just rely purely on charms.

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